Shared learnings between different cultures through experiences, trainings and workshops.

Volunteer on a coffee farm

Boca de Lobo is a Nicaraguan based project aimed to share learnings between different cultures through experiences, trainings and workshops. We open the gates to the finca so you can experience the culture of the coffee lands of Nueva Segovia, in the north of Nicaragua from up close.

Long-term Volunteer

You don’t mind to jump into rain boots for some days and getting your hands dirty? You’re flexible when it comes to working hours and daily structures? You like animals and are ready to take over some responsibilities within our project? Last but not least – you’re happy to connect to coffee plants instead of your WIFI? Then you might be the perfect match for long-term volunteering here and we are happy to receive your personal application. — More info coming soon, get in contact with us for further questions.

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medium-term volunteer

Our main goal is for you to integrate into the small community, that’s why we request a stay of at least 3 weeks. As a farm we don’t demand any working hours. It’s up to you to see how you make this integration happen. The coffee farm, garden and animals can be a way to do it, but so can cooking, teaching, talking, playing games,… We’ll be there guiding you on your path of course. — Find out more by clicking on the image above.

short-term stay

COMING SOON: You feel addressed when reading through our volunteering programs but no time left for a 3 weeks escape from busy daily life? No worries, we’re working on getting the rooms ready for shorter stays.

Shared learnings through education

The activities on the farm

This is an estimate of the split of what we're doing at this time of year
Life on a coffee farm shouldn't revolve only around coffee

last update October 5, 2019

  • Getting ready for the new harvest

  • Rain is finally coming in so everything started growing again but this also means keeping a closer eye so our vegetables and fruits don't suffer from too much water.

  • On the farm there are chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and guinea hens, also 2 dogs and 5 cats, we're establishing a fish pond. In the future we’re looking to establish a pen for goats, maybe get a cow too so we're started growing the food. We're getting ready to have some beehives on the farm too, but first we need to have the enough flowers all over the farm year round.

  • Finishing the communal kitchen with tiling of the floor, woodwork for the cupboards, electricity and continue building foundations for another room, the yearly construction of the footbridge to make it easier to move from the floating area to the fermentation rooms, renovating the roof of the drying area.


A little bit about us. We have set-up this project and we will help you make the most of it, we are however not the people you are going to spend most of your time with. The community of people on the farm are the ones you're going to live with. If you want to read more about what made us start this project, click on the 'About us' section in the top menu.


Claudia is the origin of Boca de Lobo. Coffee producer, coffee cupper, coffee seller, but most of all a people person with a deep rooted love for nature.


With Tim it’s a lot about coffee, but even more about giving back. Coffee as a tool, a really delicious one, to empower others with a profound sense of fairness.

Help build this project by spending some workshop or training time with us on your next trip to Nicaragua or help us build our set of training aids.

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