Pizza from the woodfired oven, a nice side effect

The oven was originally built to make bread, put a nice side effect of the heating process is baking pizza in it while it’s heating up. If you time it right, you have pizza for lunch and freshly baked bread that still a bit hot for dinner. Now that sounds like a perfect day!

And all you need to do is make a bit more sourdough (more on that in a later post). For now we’re still focussing on the dough preparation and the baking process. In the future we are going to make our own tomato sauce from the tomatoes we planted in the garden.

For the oven to be ready, just look for the bricks to turn from black into a nice glowing red, this means that they are hot enough and that the tar from the wood is burnt off.

Rolling fire with red glowing embers heating the floor, brick in the back are hot

Written by Tim

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