About us

A few words about who we are and how we came to start up this project.

Claudia Lovo

is Nicaraguense and has a deep love for her country and the coffee producers she works with. She knows and understands the realities of the producers from very close-by. Every year after harvest she tries to find customers who want to buy and roast the coffee of those producers. She recently became a producer herself which brought this reality even closer. Having grown up on a diversified farm she has seen the other side of farming too. That farm provided a self-sufficient living with room for a lot more than just one crop. The effect this has on the income of the family and the liveliness of the farm – as she calls the animals above and below ground – became very present. Mostly she wants to start and get things done, she’s the pragmatist of the two.


She fell in love with…

Tim WillemsTim Willems

is a Belgian living in Nicaragua. After working in advertising he found his love in coffee, which has led him overseas as a green coffee buyer. He was one of those customers that wanted to buy and roast coffee from a producer that Claudia holds dear. His background in psychology makes him a rationalist, he wants to understand everything before they get started. This balances out the hands-on approach of Claudia. His experience in consuming countries sheds an external view on how to deal with all this. Although it skipped a generation, there must be some farming genes in his body as his grandparents were one of those old-school farmers who had a bit of everything on their farm, but no coffee of course.

The direction they are following is one that looks to improve livelihoods, nature and the future of the coffee farm, the farmer and the people working on the farm.



El Lobo

As a symbol that represents our project, wolves have been long regarded by Native Americans as teachers or pathfinders. Wolves are fiercely loyal to their mates, and have a strong sense of family while maintaining individualism. 

The name: Boca de LoboBoca de Lobo logo

  • First of all, the link to Claudia’s name: Lovo – Lobo (pronunciation is the same in Spanish)
  • Second and foremost reason: ‘in bocca al lupo’ in Italian is a way of wishing somebody ’good luck’, so we translated this in Spanish as that is the language of Nicaragua


  • The literal translation: Mouth of the Wolf, we want to tell everybody about this.
  • Characteristics: The wolf is a very powerful and often misunderstood creature, next to the negative traits they are known as sociable and intelligent animals, very adaptable to change while providing a stable base.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!