Coffee Farm Training

One week from seed to export

What it is about

A coffee training for professionals, from barista to buyer and everybody in between, who wants to have the whole picture of what it takes to produce coffee. Both theory and practice are covered in this hands-on course.

Farm management

Work as a coffee farm worker: from preparing soil over planting & pruning to pest & shade management.

Harvest & processing

Experience how hard it is to 'only pick the ripest cherries' and decide with your group how to process

Cupping & Export

Classify different qualities, learn about pricing structures and how everything is prepared for export

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hands-on Coffee Farm Training

Not only focus on
the farming part

day 1
After holistic view of running a farm we dig deeper in varieties and how to choose the right ones.
day 2
Everything about establishing & protecting a nursery of young coffee plants.
day 3
All about fertilizers, pest and weed management and environmental and social concerns.

but also on
processing and export

day 4
Harvesting & processing, picking your own cherries and processing them.
day 5
Processing continues, goes into green analysis and roasted coffee analysis (cupping)
day 6
We visit the drymill where we see the whole process of getting coffee ready for export together with an explanation of this whole process.

Pricing starts at

International flight ticket
6 days of intense training
Food & board in shared room
All in-country transport
Translation to English
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