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Boca de Lobo works with its own resources. For a couple of years now we have developed workshops and trainings for small coffee producers, pickers, coffee farm workers, cuppers & baristas (and students of those disciplines), competitors in national barista competitions.

We have had the support of friends who came to the region and who dedicated a bit of their time to share their knowledge with these groups based on their own field of expertise.

We have had the support of dry mills to use their facilities and develop these courses; however, it becomes increasingly difficult to count on the support of these companies since during 8 months of the year their facilities and educational material are occupied.

We want to continue these trainings and provide them on a regular basis. For this we are looking for some educational aids and educators. And this is why BOCA DE LOBO is looking for friends and colleagues this year who want to support this initiative aimed at these groups of people who depend on the coffee sector.

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